Australian Online Roulette

If a player is looking for Australian online roulette, there are a myriad of sites which they can utilise to find the perfect game for their needs. There are some differences between online roulette and its live action counterpart that Australian online roulette players need to be aware of when they start looking for the game that will best fit their needs. First, we need to outline what live action roulette entails and a bit about the history of the game itself.

Roulette History

Roulette is a game that is played at many casinos including bet365 NZ and gambling establishments all around the world. It is named after the French word that means little wheel. Although if one where to take a look at a roulette wheel, one might notice that it is not exactly tiny.

In this game, players will place bets on either single numbers or they can also choose to bet on a range of numbers. Players can also choose to bet on one of two colours. These colours are either black or red. Finally, players can bet on even or odd numbers.

In order to determine which number will be the winning number, the croupier, which is the man responsible for spinning the wheel and rolling the ball, will spin a ball in a direction that is opposite to the direction the wheel is spinning. The ball then moves down a circular track that is tilted and goes around the entire circumference of the playing wheel. Once the ball has spent sufficient time moving around the outside of the wheel, it will eventually drop into one of the numbered and coloured pockets that surround the wheel. In the French and European version of the game there are thirty seven of these pockets. In the American version of the game there are a total of thirty eight pockets.

The first game of roulette was introduced in France in the seventeen hundreds. There are schools of thought that imagine roulette as the joining of the wheel game known as Roly-Poly, which was English, and Ace of Hearts among a few others. In its current form, this game has been played since 1796 in Paris. During this time, the zero and double zero on the roulette table were red and black. As one can imagine, this could cause confusion at the table. To better clarify for players and other patrons, in the eighteen hundreds, wheels started using green inside of those boxes instead of red and black.

In the late eighteen hundreds in America, roulette wheels also featured a house slot that was an American eagle. This eagle slot gave the house an even further edge over the player, but it was eventually phased out and the normal wheel of the numbers one to twenty eight with the single and double zeros.

Live Action Roulette

When playing live action roulette, the player will notice a few key differences. These differences include that there is no real human dealer in the online version of the game. The player is the one who makes the wheel spin. The player is also in charge of placing their bet and every other aspect of the game. They can cash out at any time without having to get anyone’s attention. An added bonus is sometimes Australian online roulette can be played for lower stakes than live action roulette can.