A French Themed Casino Party

There are many modern themes you can apply to a casino themed party for example James Bond or a theme from the 60’s or 70’s. What makes these ideas such a hit is they require minimal effort from your guests as they more than likely have the necessary accessories and outfits in their cupboards already.

If you want to put a bit more work into the party and create a very memorable experience for your guests you can attempt to create a traditional French gambling experience. French nobility loved to gamble, with Roulette being one of the most popular games.

A French themed Casino night could be just what the doctor ordered to get people out of their workweek blues and into the correct mind set to have some casino fun. To add another level of uniqueness to the proceedings you can employ French rules in your roulette games, which are more player friendly in general.

The hardest part of this party theme is the costumes. They can become very ornate as our idea of French fashions come from what their nobility wore, making it pretty much out of budget for your average person, but you can still pull off a great look if you approach the party correctly. Just like how you are guaranteed a great time if you find the perfect venue for online https://mobileslotscanada.biz/keno/.

Bastille Day

The French day of independence is a great source of inspiration for costumes and colour schemes for your casino themed party. Red white and blue is the accepted colour scheme here and if you are brave enough some guillotines would complement the theme well.

Naturally when it comes to the food there are many ways you can go here. Crème Brule and fresh tomato is always welcome. If there is any theme that gives you a literal smorgasbord of food ideas, it’s this one.

Technically Bastille Day meant the end of the nobility, but this is a simple theme to start off with and to be honest Bastille Day didn’t mean the end of the nobility as they did just fine after the richest among them lost their heads to the guillotine.

The Decadent Nobility

This theme goes all out. Fancy cakes would definitely be on the menu here. Costume wise this would be the toughest one to pull off. Heavy white makeup, powdered wigs, beauty spots and umbrellas are all key parts of the French nobleman’s style.

Again this would be a challenging theme for your guests as it is highly unlikely that you can complete this look without spending some cash. Some creative individuals could do wonders with their makeup and slick back their hair, but there is only so much you can do before you need some professional assistance.

With regards to room decoration, gold is a necessity, candelabras and of course some kind of centre piece for the dining table that shows opulence and decadence. With regards to food, it would be best to simply stick to cakes and tarts, which can also be savoury as with the heavy duty costuming that is going on here, you don’t want to risk any stains on your clothes.