Bejeweled 2 Slots Reviewed for Internet Casino Players

Due to the seemingly big success of the original Bejeweled online slot, IGT Gaming released a second version of the game, known as Bejeweled 2. This version of the game offers players a total of 20 win lines, spread out across the 5 game reels on offer. Changes have been made from the original version of this slot game, mainly in terms of the overall colour scheme of the game, but also in terms of the game symbols, and just the overall feel of the experience.

In Bejeweled 2 slots, players should look out for the Sparkling Gem symbol, which in this case acts as the Wild Symbol. As with most other wild symbols, the Sparkling Gem is able to replace other game symbols, and in so doing can create a range of new winning combinations. IGT have also added another dimension to the wild, in that it actually doubles any payouts in terms of winning combinations that include the Sparkling Gem. Depending on how big your initial bet or wager was, this can quite dramatically increase your winnings.

Bejeweled 2 Powergem Symbol

In the Bejeweled 2 online slot game, players now have the chance of landing three different scatter symbols. In terms of these, the first that is worth mentioning is the Bejeweled Bonus Symbol. By landing a minimum of three of these symbols across the reels, the Cascading Reaction Bonus feature will then be activated. This offers extra wining opportunities, in which the highlight is definitely landing the Hypercube gem icon. What this symbol does is explode, and in so doing it will get rid of all of the gems of a single colour. This of course can create some extra winning combinations, as there are now fewer colours on the reels.

Of course with the next spin, the colour that was removed will start to come back as new gems fall into the screen. Players should also keep an eye out for the Powergem symbol. This Powergem in Bejeweled 2 has the effect of doubling any wins or payouts, and so again can quite dramatically increase your winnings. Based on all of these features, players should carefully consider the amount they bet or wager on each spin.

Bejeweled 2 Win Multipliers

While there were no free spins on offer in the original version of this slot game, players can now get free spins to use in Bejeweled 2 like in other iPhone optimized pokies online NZ. To get these free spins, you need to try and land the Free Spins symbol. If you are able to land three or even more of the Wheel of Riches symbols across the game reels, this will then activate the Wheels of Riches feature. What will immediately show on the screen is a big spinning disc.

The game disc will slowly stop spinning on the screen, and as it does, it will land on a win multiplier. This will then multiply your bet by that amount, and award you the prize. Online players can actually win up to a 500x win multiplier, which will certainly put a smile on any player’s face, as their winnings are dramatically increased.