Keeping it Up With Prop bets

Coming to Terms with Prop Bets

A prop bet, which is short for proposition bet, is generally a bet made on the outcome of an event or the proposition thereof, that is, on the occurrence or so-called non-occurrence of something happening, without being directly linked to the final outcome of a game. It is also often called a side bet, and can often also be described as a dare for money, which is more the case in terms of novelty prop bets where bettors would take on a certain dare in order to win. Prop bets can be placed on a range of different events or happenings.

Common Prop Bets

While prop bets can be placed on many happenings, they are still most popular in the sporting industry and even in the traditional casino world. Some of the most common types of prop bets used in sports betting and casino scenarios include the following: which team will score first, the number of strikes made by a specific player, the specific face value of dice in craps, which cards will be dealt in a round of blackjack, as well as more novelty bets, such as how often a certain word will be used by commentators in a game or what colour sports drink the players will drink, etc.

The latter more novelty bets are sometimes restricted and will not necessarily be offered by accredited sports books, but they can be found on other online sports betting sites and are very common among friends or acquaintances in work groups, local sports clubs, and etc.

‘Official’ Prop Bets

Even though some prop bets may be seen as mere novelty bets, there are indeed many ‘official’ prop bets that are found on accredited sports books. These are often presented in the form of over or under bets, where bettors will bet, for example, whether a certain player will score over or under a certain total score.

Becoming a Prop Bettor

Many bettors choose not to focus on prop bets, but just as many choose to specialise in these types of bets. Bettors often have an edge over  Australian betting online sports books when it comes to props betting. Avid bettors will even go as far as to study individual statistics, scores, and team as well as player histories to become specialists, making them better equipped to make good decisions and place good prop bets. Many of such bettors can make good money playing on prop bets.

Sports Fixing

It is also with prop bets that the event of sports fixing comes into play. Sports fixing is highly illegal, and basically refers to bettors arranging, or helping to arrange, a likely outcome. Sports fixing may not necessarily affect a whole team, and can come down to just one player. In the event of sports fixing, for example, a bettor may bet that a certain player will score a certain number of points. He would then pre-arrange with the player for this outcome to occur. This, however, is an extreme.