What are the Odds of Being Champions of Super Rugby?

Super Rugby Betting Odds

Super Rugby is the cream of the men’s professional rugby and football league in the Southern Hemisphere as well as Japan.  Super Rugby officially came to exist during the 1996 Rugby season, and included twelve teams from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.  By 2006, a mere decade later, Super Rugby matches were being broadcast to more than 41 countries.

Each participating country represents its own conference, and each team plays each of the other teams within its own conference twice – one home game and one away game.  Each team will then go on to play 4 out of 5 teams from all other conferences, at least once.  The finals consist of 8 games, with each conference winner getting a chance to play in a quarter final game.

It is imperative to understand the process of elimination in order to calculate successful super rugby betting odds – for punters and bookmakers alike.  Keeping a close eye on the initial conference matches will offer valuable insight as to the probable eventual outcome.

Super Rugby Betting Strategies

The home advantage theory is said to be mainly a psychological one.  Whether this is the real reason for frequent wins on home soil, the fact remains:  home-field advantage is real, especially when it involves a highly technical game like rugby union.  Referees often feel pressurised by the crowds – more often than not favouring the home side.  They tend to be more alert to mistakes made by the team playing the away game, awarding more penalties than usual in favour of the home side.  Difficult as it may be to prove, this is the reality.  Think twice before betting against the home team much like you would to win on Aussie betting sites.

Keep an eye on conference games when considering to wager a futures bet.  Do not merely assume the winning team to be the stronger of the two teams.  Consider the conference results as an entirety.  Many factors come into play and can really jumble up the super rugby betting odds.

Bet Types

Head to head betting is as good as it gets as far as super rugby betting odds are concerned, and a favourite among bookmakers in New Zealand.  The odds are about two sides winning a match.

Besides head to head betting and typical line and points betting, super rugby also lends itself to creative bets, with first stoppage in play topping the list.  Typical first stoppage in play predictions include: line out, penalty, scrum, try, mark and drop-goal.  Super rugby betting odds are applied to each stoppage, based on probability.

Punters are able to not only bet on the games running from quarter finals onwards, but also on the qualifying conference games.  All of the bet types enjoyed during final games are generally also available for conference games.  This adds a whole new avenue of excitement to betting, as punters are able to watch the results play out field-side, without necessarily having to travel cross-country or even overseas.

The wide variety of betting options and types available to punters and bookmakers truly ensure that super rugby betting odds are forever favourable.