What Fabrics are Great for Casino Clothing?

A big night out at a casino is the perfect excuse to really dress up and look your best. We’ve rounded up the top fabrics for those looking to really dazzle at the tables, or attract attention at the slots machines!


Nothing adds a little bit of glitz and glamour better than sequins! A sequined cocktail dress not only looks good, it catches the lights beautifully and makes you stand out. If a dress is a bit too glitzy for you, don a sequinned top and sparkle your way amongst the gaming tables.


Sheeny, shiny and silky, satin is a great fabric for dressing up! A satin skirt or shirt exudes glamour, especially if in a bright colour. Black satin is always chic too, and if you have a satin jacket you can add a little bit of pizazz to any outfit.


A more feminine option, lace is a lovely material, and a lacy LBD is a perfect option for a big night of gaming. A short lace dress, or dress with lace sleeves or panels is sure to make you feel like a million bucks, and hopefully you’ll win that much while playing too!


A sexy leather skirt, well-fitted leather jacket or pants adds a certain panache to your wardrobe, and will add one to your night out too- even if you end up enjoying online betting instead of hitting the games tables. You can pair leather pants with a sequinned top or a leather jacket with a lace dress, mixing and matching is loads of fun, especially when you really want to look good.


A full feather boa may be a bit OTT for a casino, and may make it look more like fancy dress than dressing up fancy. But there’s nothing wrong with a few hair clips with feathers, or even a feathery wrap.


The ultimate luxury fabric, fur can look extremely classy, even if it’s faux. A fur jacket makes you look like a celeb, and there are so many different styles and cuts available, you can pick one that makes you feel fab. If you really want to emulate a celeb you can don a pair of sunglasses too, but make they are designer- and oversized too!


We don’t mean go full on Goth, we mean sexy shiny PVC that adds a bit of fun to your outfit and is a bit out there! You can find stunning PVC skirts, pants and jackets that are well cut and look amazing, or you can opt for PVC heels or boots instead. Nothing says Vegas more than a bit of shine!


There are some amazing fabrics with glitter in them, and these will give you that added sparkle you’ve been looking for. Glittery dresses or cami tops look stunning, and will catch the casino’s light too. This option is a shade subtler than sequins, but just as attention grabbing!