The Art of the Stallion – Choosing the Right Horse Bets

Online Horse Racing Betting for Australia’s Punters

Racing in all of its many variating forms has often been considered an exciting and thrilling event as those involved compete head to head to deduce who amongst them is the fastest around. Whilst automobile have certainly seen a rise in this field, one of the first competitions that pitted opponents together in a race like fashion included a different and more biological form of transport. We are of course talking on the art of Horse Racing and all this rather ancient tradition entails, not just for the fans of the game but also the punters looking to get involved, particularly those from Australia.

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What are the Odds of Being Champions of Super Rugby?

Super Rugby Betting Odds

Super Rugby is the cream of the men’s professional rugby and football league in the Southern Hemisphere as well as Japan.  Super Rugby officially came to exist during the 1996 Rugby season, and included twelve teams from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.  By 2006, a mere decade later, Super Rugby matches were being broadcast to more than 41 countries.

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Race the Day Away at Cannington Track

Park Cannington is a race track and sports facility located in Cannington, Western Australia. It lies approximately ten kilometres, or twenty minutes, south of Perth.  Park Cannington boasts state-of-the-art modern venue facilities, TAB facilities, live broadcasting on SKY Racing and TAB Radio, free parking for visitors, as well as a restaurant and bar area.

The Park Cannington race track is used predominately for greyhound racing. While greyhound racing may not be a popular sporting or betting activity the world over, it is a popular betting sports within Australia, often being likened to horse racing, albeit on a much smaller scale.

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Keeping it Up With Prop bets

Coming to Terms with Prop Bets

A prop bet, which is short for proposition bet, is generally a bet made on the outcome of an event or the proposition thereof, that is, on the occurrence or so-called non-occurrence of something happening, without being directly linked to the final outcome of a game. It is also often called a side bet, and can often also be described as a dare for money, which is more the case in terms of novelty prop bets where bettors would take on a certain dare in order to win. Prop bets can be placed on a range of different events or happenings.

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Understanding NHL Betting 

The NHL is the premier professional Ice Hockey League in North America. It consists of teams from two countries and is thus very popular amongst Australian punters. Ice Hockey is Australia’s national sport, and proudly followed and bet on by a large swath of the population. In order to make your bets more successful, one must have a good understanding of how betting on NHL actually works. 

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Using Research for Better Betting

Betting on sports in New Zealand is a popular activity and one that is mainly done for entertainment purposes. Even though it is a fun activity winning money is the main goal and while many bettors bet on their favourite teams and players in the hopes of winning, there are those that take betting seriously and put a large amount of effort into betting successfully.

These are the bettors that do in fact see more success than loss because even though betting is risky and never comes with a guarantee, there are ways in which they can better their winning chances. Research is the key to knowing what the ways are in which to better winning chances.

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Sportingbet and William Hill Merge in Australia

Sportingbet is a primary brand of the GVC Holdings group. Established in 1998, this organisation is a major supplier of online betting facilities for sports, casino, and internet games and wagering. This incorporates online as well as mobile technology software platforms. Sportingbet is licensed in the jurisdictions of Malta, Spain, Alderney, Denmark and the U.K.  Sportingbet does not accept players from the USA, amongst numerous other countries.

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Sports Betting with Horse Racing Online Options

The thing about races between horses is that they can get very competitive and as a result make for exciting betting opportunities. This is made further evident by the fact that there are so many online bookmakers and sportsbooks that are catering for the Horse racing betting market that the popularity of which is hardly disputable. This means a good number of opportunities for the punters looking to indulge in this particular form of sports betting. This will then serve as an initiator of the betting that will be involved with this sport and how it all fits in with the structure of these events.

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